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This guest house in the coastal hills of SLO County is now ready for stucco and drywall. The sprayed in foam insulation is sure to keep it warm and cozy for those chilly winter nights and cool and comfy on those warm summer days.

The airfoil inspired barn in the north county is nearing completion. The siding/roofing is being installed and interior finishes are underway. We’re looking for completion this summer.june-11-2-cropped

Wow, there is a lot of stuff that gets placed under the concrete and soil that goes into a home!! This web work is for the Coastal Rammed Earth Home and will provide gas, electric, water, fire suppression, vent ducting, telephone and much more. Now that this is in the ground we will be able to complete the roof and get the crane out of the front room!!


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This San Luis Obispo remodel is coming up in the world, the ground is getting lower, and the roof is getting covered. Pretty soon we will be getting to the mechanical phase and into the interior. A kitchen remodel with the pantry, laundry room and dining room to follow.

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Semmes & Co unveils newly completed booth at this year’s Earth Day Festival, held Saturday, April 18th at the Mission Plaza in San Luis Obispo. Semmes design and construction teams worked long and hard to construct a booth of sustainable and recycled materials that could be easily transported, assembled and disassembled for events like this throughout the year. Please come visit us and our booth at the Paso Robles Home Show, August 29th and 30th.

New Booth