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Gary Barker with Semmes & Co biodiesel-powered truck

Gary Barker with Semmes & Co biodiesel-powered truck

In our continuing commitment to the environment, we are switching our company vehicles from petroleum-based fuels to Biodiesel. Biodiesel is made from vegetable oil, generally soy bean oil in this country. Any diesel vehicle can run onBiodiesel with no modifications to the engine what so ever. We purchase the 100% vegetable oil fuel (B-100) in bulk and run two of our three company vehicles on it. We feel that this is our small contribution to helping to alleviate our nation’s addiction to oil.

img_3673Semmes & Company has been featured in the April 2006 issue of Custom Home Magazine with a story about the mobile solar generator we use to power remote jobsites. This solar powered generator was created for us by

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