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This home is located in the Las Ventana’s Ranch Development on Tally Farms. See the stem walls, sub-floor and walls go up from this perfect vantage point.


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After months of framing these two single family residences that are under the same roof we rapidly move into finishes.




Last week we broke ground on this contemporary farm house designed by San Francisco architect David Gast: This site has it all  including a deer-proof garden, compost area, and a solar heated lap pool.




Semmes has finessed this large tree limb into the entry as a feature in this unique straw bale home.  Collaborating with the homeowner and architect, Paul Poirier and Associates, this creative vision is on it’s way to becoming a reality.


Check out this Ferro Concrete garden wall! Formed with coated rebar that was secured in concrete footings and wrapped with a special lath and waterproofing paper; this serpentine garden wall embraces the outdoor living space.  Privacy and a break for the wind are just a couple of the benefits of this landscape element. The free-form ability of this method of construction allows for ample creativity as sitting areas and fountains are easily incorporated into the shape.




This Guest House has been designed and built with extreme chemical sensitivity in mind. The owners chose to have their cabinets build from bamboo- a rapidly renewable, formaldehyde free product. Green Goods constructed these cabinets and had them finished with a durable finish that is free of off-gassing toxins.

Bamboo Cabinets from Green Goods

Bamboo Cabinets from Green Goods

As framing moves along on this multifamily home nestled into the hills of Paso Robles, you can really start to see how the views will be highlighted in the window openings. We are right on track to have the roof all dried-in before any threat of serious rain.


Last Sunday, Semmes and Co. Builders held a workshop at the Santa Ynez Strawbale home. There were many community members, architects and friends of the homeowner in attendance. We would not pass up the opportunity to share this hands-on educational experience with eager minds. Also, the sense of community fostered is really priceless. If you would like to know about our upcoming events, just let us know, we would love to have you!


Semmes & Co. Builders designed and is constructing this home to be as free of off-gassing chemicals as possible. It is always our mission to maintain the healthiest interior air quality when building, but with the critical chemical sensitivity of this client, we are challenged to go farther beyond even our standard practice.  The information on VOC off-gassing is available for every sealer, adhesive and composite you may put in your home; all you have to do is ask the question.


See the photo below as we dig footings this week.


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This home is situated to harness the breathtaking views of the Paso Robles area.