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The project on the hill is getting its final shape. Toasts are in order as we have finally set the last Glue Lam and will have the roof frame completed in a couple of weeks. The last Earth has been Rammed and the first glass will be installed the first week of November………………………….. Pretty amazingly shaped beam isn’t it??



We are starting a new straw bale home in Atascadero. Concrete is down, walls are up and trusses are being stood. Stay tuned for information on an upcoming Straw Bale Workshop. These workshops are kind of like old fashion barn raisings and are always a lot of fun.

Finishing touches are being applied on this barn in the north county. The copper colored roofing has been quite challenging to get just right in the curved wall to the roof transition but we’ve prevailed through persistence and should be done soon.



One of the unique aspects with this project is the fact that we are completing the roof before we cast the floor and then we will build the walls between. The lighting, fire sprinklers, low voltage wiring etc. are all placed in the roof and below the slab, then we will connect the dots…………………….. The end result will be amazing!


The garage columns are poured and we are done tying the re-enforcing steel, so off we go ……………Forming for the second phase of Rammed Earth