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As you can see this Costal Rammed Earth project is moving into finishes! The photos are of a few of the professionals working on this project, it is truly a work of many! From master carpenters, Roofers, tile setters, steel fabricators, cabinet builders, concrete polishers…………. The list goes on and on! Thanks all for your efforts to get this amazing project completed. The exterior steel decking is almost all in place as well as the rails. Inside the concrete floors are getting polished, drywall plastered, and cabinets are being set.




This newly finished barn in the San Luis Obispo cattle country is becoming an attraction in itself. Locals and tourist alike make a special side trip to have a look at it, it even attracts quite a bit of aviation traffic from the local airport, it seems fliers consider it to be one of their own. Everyone that worked on this project is proud to have been a part of it.