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This home has been designed and engineered with advanced framing technologies where minimal framing materials allow for a speedy erection and significantly reduced waste. Some examples of the building techniques are 24″ centers for studs, single top plates, 3 stud corners and drywall backing clips.

The teams work diligently to complete this very creative structure. Strawbale construction allows for a great deal of flexibility with the buildings design and form.


Wow, the coastal Rammed earth is beautiful! Finally all the glass is in and there is some landscaping beginning. There are going to be many beautiful pictures to follow, but here are a couple of what you would see from the south side. One is of the office space above the garage, and the other is of the entrance between the office and the home. The glass in these southern elevations is an innovative product that has an exceptionally high insulation value.  Yes there are still a couple of ladders hanging around as there is a whole canopy being built over the entrance way, and one connecting the “roller coaster” beam to the office, The canopy over the entrance is going to be opaque Photovoltaic panels which will not only be power producing but provide a light shading as well. Keep an eye out for more pictures as this moves along.