A Stunning Master Bath Remodel

semmes 2015 Winter Newsletter, Remodels

Margie (sm)   by Margie Schuler

In my previous career and now with Semmes, I have been fortunate enough to work with many delightful clients on some impressive projects. I believe design is subjective. What is “right” is what the client likes and wants. I have gotten the opportunity to work on innumerable designs. I get to live vicariously through my clients because being an effective part of any project requires immersing yourself into the client’s project, its design elements and overall style. Therefore my work allows me to explore other styles that I might not typically gravitate towards myself. (It also makes my personal projects harder, but that’s another story.)

After all these years projects can blur together, but certain ones stand out. The reasons projects stand out is as unique as the project itself. Semmes just wrapped up a unique job, which I knew would be outstanding from the beginning. This was a smaller job as far as Semmes work typically goes. There was a high level of attention to detail because these clients were asking us to remodel a newly purchased home (with original construction by Semmes), which did not fit their style at all.

In this article I’m focusing on the Master Bath. The bones of the Master Bath were good, it was of sufficient size and included all the necessary elements but nothing about these existing elements fit the new homeowner’s style. After a lot of hard work by everyone involved, our client now has a showcase Master Bath that suits their design style. I think you’ll agree their new Master Bath is stunning!

Stunning Master Bath2

The Master Bath now has ample storage in the traditional style vanity, double mirrors with medicine cabinets and side storage tower. The Oil Rubbed Bronze plumbing and light fixtures compliment the dark smoky quartz found in the Persa granite.

Stunning Master Bath2

Slab granite walls showcase the stunning natural variation and flow of the Persa granite. The shower floor is also Persa granite that has been cut into tiles and given a leather finish for additional texture when showering. Notice the detail given at seams and wall panels, the granite fabricator did an excellent job of matching the pattern and veining.