Be Fire Safe, by Turko Semmes

jessica Spring 2013 Newsletter

Many of us, and our friends and neighbors, live in homes vulnerable to wild fires.  Because our area is so susceptive, there is a local resource was organized to help keep your property, home and family safe, the Fire Safe Council (WEBSITE).  I have been part of this group for several years and seen first-hand how effective and helpful it can be. 

The Fire Safe Council’s mission is to educate the public on fire safe practices, as well as to logistically and financially support local community groups in large scale clearing and chipping.  Whether you are building a home or want to evaluate your existing fire safety levels, it is an excellent resource. Check out the Public Information link on their homepage for helpful videos and publications.

 Another great link is Current Projects which lists the communities that have active fuel reduction plans in place.  If you want to find out how you can apply for funding (Yes, there is money available!) or to support fuel reduction in your community or neighborhood visit the Focus Group.

 There are Fire Safe Councils in each of the counties in California, but ours happens to be one of the most effective.  Funds come from the Federal level and are passed through the State FSC to the local counties, and we’re regularly funded to the maximum allowed.  I highly recommend you take advantage of the resources available to you, your home and community.