The Aerodynamic Barn is finishing up.  The architectural detail can be seen from this interior picture.  Special attention was paid to the exposed framing throughout the interior of the barn.  The roof section will be covered in copper standing seam which has been a bit challenging.  Curving a metal roof at a 16’ radius always takes a detailed eye.



This Coastal Rammed Earth home has some incredible features in the design. The central column will house a wood stove, provide ventilation, light, and support for the whole roof structure. There will be 26 Glue-Lam Beams up to 59 feet long when complete. As you can see all of the cuts are double angled miters, and there are a lot of them! This structure will support a ceiling “sandwich” a total of only 43/4” thick which will house all of the lighting, solar & PV pre-plumb, fire sprinkler and other plumbing. This hill is so steep that the crane used to install these beams is stationed in the front room, and is progressively working it’s way out of the building. Hat’s off to the crew!!

book shelves and a window chest This is an example of Semmes & Company’s use of locally harvested and milled wood. This is a set of book shelves and a window chest in the library of a straw bale house nearing completion in Atascadero. The wood is from a Sycamore Tree that fell on a local ranch and was milled in nearby Santa Margarita. It was constructed by one of Semmes’s & Companies finish carpenters.


At Semmes & Company, some percentage of our projects have always included remodeling.  But with our county’s housing stock aging, and people wanting to conserve the valuable resource that is their home, we are putting greater emphasis on the remodeling aspect of our business.
Kenny Northcote, our Estimator, is also our new Remodeling Project Manager for Semmes & Co.  He will oversee your remodeling project every step of the way, helping you through the design, costing, permitting, construction, and final details.  Kenny, with his experience in management, estimating, and custom home construction, will help your remodeling project be a painless and pleasant experience. See our Semmes & Co. Remodeling Services page for more information.

This is a picture of Ben Korman the Architect of this exciting Coastal Rammed Earth Home. We have about half of the beams and purlins up, and are starting to sheet the master bedroom area. Looking good!


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Go Chris!

Go Chris!

Semmes and Company is just getting started with this remodel and addition in San Luis Obispo. Demolition on the small site is a tricky matter; Chris gets in some tractor time before we start concrete. We will be recycling more than 80% of all the waste on this project.

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Functional RoomThis Murphy bed covers the entire wall, making a small bedroom of this coastal home entirely functional. It has a center table that folds down, and pull out end tables that make it a utility space when it is not being used as a guest room.

Rain or shine this Coast Range guest house is going up!


This photo is of our Coastal Rammed Earth home. This is the future entry that will have a glass pivot door, with a glass canopy. We are currently setting The Glue Lams for the roof framing. Look for this posting soon.


These Beams take a lot of effort to place but as they come together this coastal home starts to take form.