My Retirement Plan = Pine Box

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by Tom Moore

Once that being a builder gets in your blood I don’t believe you can ever get it out, so I don’t see retirement as an option in my future. The reasoning here isn’t really about money, it’s about loving what I do, meeting the people I meet and working with the folks that I work with. I can see slowing down at some point in the future, taking more time off and taking more trips, but the idea of never having to get up to go to work again sounds like more of a death sentence to me than a way to live.

There are few thing as exciting as firing up a project, after what is sometimes more than a year of designing, planning, estimating and so forth, the feel and smell of the dirt, getting dirty, preparing everything for building is just a rush. Then the concrete, everyone loves to play in the mud and at the end of it all you have…well…something concrete. Then the project moves into framing and it seems like the noise never stops, saws, hammers, nail guns and cowboy music, this is when things should really roll ‘n’ roll, you see the walls go up and the roof go on and excitement in the owner’s faces as they get a real feel for the space that they will possibly spend the rest of their lives.

While I get to be out in my fantasy world, co-workers, namely Margie, are in the trenches making sure that decisions are made so I can have the parts and pieces I need when I need them – kind of like Christmas.

We move into the mechanical and finishes and the homeowners are really starting to get excited at the prospect of moving in in about a month (Them, “What do you think? Will it be done in about a month?” Me, “No.”). Once the walls are all finished, counter tops, cabinets and landscaping done, and when appliances are installed, there is a true sense of joy, accomplishment and a feeling between you and the clients that if you could go through this together, you could go through anything together. I don’t think I could live without this in my life.

Thank goodness that American ingenuity hasn’t figured out how to outsource custom home building to another country yet.

I hope they don’t in my lifetime.