ReStore: More than a store, it’s an adventure

by Tom MooreTom

During a recent remodel in San Luis Obispo, we made many trips to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore.

What a cool place. You can’t just go there and drop off items without going in and seeing what’s new. Their inventory is in a continual motion, just like the wonderful people that work there. On one trip I spotted some brand new windows that would work perfectly for a small project we were working on. But by the time I had the owner’s approval and made it back to the store they were almost all gone. Fortunately for us,  they still had two windows we needed for the project.

If you’re looking for the obscure, obsolete or overboard this is the best place to start!


ReStore – San Luis Obispo

You need some gently used tools? They got ‘em. Want plumbing fixtures, a kitchen sink, and the tile? They those, too.  After many trips I needed some subway tile to match some existing tile. I fumbled through about 300 tiles to find 5 that matched what I had. You would be amazed how many variances of white subway tile there are. At the ReStore, people just go in, buy an armload, take them home and stick them on the wall. They don’t match? Honey Badger don’t care, sheik nouveau. I love that place!
Did I mention this is Habitat for Humanity? The money spent at the ReStore goes to support funneling money and products into the worthy cause of supplying housing for under-privileged people all over the country and the world.

I suggest a trip to ReStore next time you’re going on a run to the hardware store.

You may save some money while doing someone some good. Who knows, you may even find something that you didn’t even know you need and discover that you can’t live without.

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