Turko – Here!

semmes 2014 Summer Newsletter

As many of you know our founder Turko Semmes, announced his retirement in 2011, after selling the majority of Semmes & Co. Builders, Inc. to three long-time employees, Paul Rose, Tom Moore and Jessica Steely. Fast-forward to 2014 and the question, “Turko, what are you still doing in the office?” needs an answer.
Turko Semmes

Turko originally made a three-year deal with the new management that he would continue full-time employment helping with the transition, through June of 2014. As this date approached, it became clear to all that Turko wasn’t ready to leave. And we didn’t want him to! Although he’s turned over company management and construction to the new owners, he still plays a crucial role in early stages of design and project development. This gives clients of Semmes & Co. the best of both worlds; new owner Jessica Steely will be taking new project calls and our founder, Turko will be involved throughout the preconstruction phase. He will continue to embed his vision and years of experience into projects, as well as provide sage advice to the new owners.

So Turko, what are you still doing in the office?

“Happily doing what I love; creating great homes for great people.”

– Turko Semmes