What’s your favorite green feature?

semmes 2014 Winter Newsletter, New Construction, New Homes, Remodels

This is an occasional blog-post where we ask a Semmes’ client to tell us about a great feature on their house.

Installing the Tapmaster hands-free faucet controller at our kitchen sink was one of Tapmasterthe best decisions we ever made for our custom home.  It simply is a fabulous feature for our family.  Our kids were able to use the faucet at our big kitchen sink long before they were big enough to reach the actual faucet because the controller is conveniently located in the toe kick of the cabinet.  The hands-free feature is also very hygienic.

Besides the convenience, we also appreciate the water it conserves. The savings really added up over the years.  The controls are extremely reliable. No dancing in front of a sensor, or waiting for it to turn on.

We know how much we enjoy it, because we miss it when we vacation in other homes.

Tapmaster really changes the way you use your faucet.site_logo

by Margerie Manning

Semmes & Co. Builders, Inc. Client