Our Mission

  • To build high quality, energy efficient homes at a good value for satisfied clients


  • To remain the leading green builder on the Central Coast of California
  • To continue to increase the level of energy efficiency and resource conservation on our projects
  • To promote green building in our community
  • To expand our knowledge of green building and design
  • To train the next generation of craftspeople

Guiding Principles

  • Accept only projects that are consistent with our values
  • Build relationships with clients based on trust and integrity
  • Be respectful and accepting of each other
  • Share our knowledge with the building profession and the public

Building Principles

  • Build in harmony with the site
  • Build as small and simply as possible
  • Buildings will be able to heat and cool themselves
  • Buildings will be as resource efficient as possible
  • Buildings will have the healthiest interior environments possible
  • Buildings will have heart and soul