We believe homes can nurture the people in them and respect the environment around them. So in 1978, Semmes & Co. Builders set out to save the world one house at a time. We built our reputation as a green builder on sustainable straw bale, rammed earth, passive solar and off-grid homes. Then we pioneered more ways to build that reflect creative style, save resources, and cost less to operate and maintain. Today, we invite you to live your values in a beautiful custom-built Semmes home that makes a statement and a difference.

Our Mission

To build high-quality, energy efficient homes at a good value for satisfied clients.

Our Goals
  • To remain the leading green builder on the Central Coast of California
  • To continue to increase the level of energy efficiency and resource conservation on our projects
  • To promote green building in our community
  • To expand our knowledge of green building and design
  • To train the next generation of craftspeople
Our Guiding Principles
  • Accept only projects that are consistent with our values
  • Build relationships with clients based on trust and integrity
  • Be respectful and accepting of each other
  • Share our knowledge with the building profession and the public
Our Building Principles
  • Build in harmony with the site
  • Build as small and simply as possible
  • Buildings will be able to heat and cool themselves
  • Buildings will be as resource efficient as possible
  • Buildings will have the healthiest interior environments possible
  • Buildings will have heart and soul

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