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Indoor Air Quality

In an effort to increase energy efficiency, homes are getting tighter and tighter. As a result, dust and other toxins can become trapped in our living spaces. And when we then operate vents such as bath fans, dryers, and hoods, there is generally no makeup air which can result in a negatively pressured structure. When this happens, the air is pulled from the path of least resistance—often undesirable locations such as the attic, crawl space or garage, which can be unhealthy.

Maintaining a fresh flow of air while preserving thermal efficiency is an art we have mastered through strategic make up air dampers, heat recovery ventilators, and balanced air distribution.

Creating a space that is free from harsh chemicals is also a crucial element to a sustainable home. While our standard practice is to use only “no or low” VOC products, we are also happy to go the extra mile for those with sensitivities and build a home completely free from chemicals and toxins.

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