Our Specialties

Unique Details

At Semmes & Co. Builders, Inc., we are committed to building beauty and soul into every one of our projects. Here are just a few examples of the custom details that our craftspeople and the skilled local artisans we work with can incorporate into the homes we build.


Exposed Concrete Floors

Our concrete floors, finished in a wide variety of acid-washed patina stain colors, eliminate much of the cost of other floor finishes and reduce the carbon footprint of the structure. Adding hardwood or stone inlays and coordinating concrete countertops, windowsills, and stair treads can create a custom look that is elegant and unique. Polished, ultra high-density concrete can also create an exceptionally durable and visually striking feature in your home.


Old World Thick Walls

Our thick wall systems provide a unique opportunity for adding an “Old World” look to your home and the ample, deep window and door openings offer a comfortable, charming solution for extra seating and storage space.


Specialty Wall Finishes

We work with artists who specialize in Old World and earthen plasters, paints, and other rich textural finishes and patinas. With their help, even your walls can be a work of art!


Artisan Details

Our local craftspeople can create custom pieces for your home in any style and for any purpose. From detailed metal light fixtures and handrails, to integral concrete sinks with precious metal inlays, the personality found in our homes is like nothing else you’ll find on the Central Coast.


Reclaimed Materials

Whenever possible and practical, we use reclaimed and salvaged building materials such as vintage beams, wood ceilings, and historic mill work for structures, and customized details like antique hardware, and stained glass for cabinets and doors. Do you have something special in mind? Let’s collaborate.


Trees as Art

Semmes & Co. can provide you with custom cabinets, doors, built-ins, and specialty pieces from a variety of local woods. With our portable, horizontal band-saw wood mill, we can even turn fallen trees from your own property into non-structural beams, ceilings, finish work, or custom furniture. Our native Oak, Sycamore, Walnut, Madrone and local exotics all make gorgeous finished products that can be unique, sustainable building materials for your new home.

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