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New Homes

A quality custom home feels like home from the beginning. Bring us your vision, and we will create a home that fits seamlessly into your lifestyle. Because a home shouldn’t just shelter you; it should speak to you.

Our commitment to quality means we don’t cut corners, and we don’t build spec houses. We build quality homes for people in our community. We pride ourselves in creating relationships with families so that we can reflect their taste and personality in their sanctuary.

Semmes & Co. Builders, Inc. specializes in the construction of custom residential homes that reflect the heart and soul of the owner and the vision of the designer, while being sensitive to the environment. We work with the homeowner directly, or in partnership with the architect or designer, to create the home of your dreams.

Homes are generally constructed utilizing the basic principles of passive solar design to bring the highest level of energy efficiency to your home. We strive to employ a conscientious use of natural products and create healthy indoor environments by using high-quality, non-toxic building materials throughout our buildings.

We use a variety of construction methods including conventional framingstraw baleinsulated concrete forms and rammed earth. Our artisans create hand-troweled stucco and plaster finishespatina-stained concrete floors and countertops, and custom woodworking, as well as other custom finishes in our homes. We also install photovoltaic electric systems, hydronic heat, solar hot water, daylighting, progressive insulation, rainwater catchment systems and plumbing for greywater systems.

Semmes & Co. has been the Central Coast’s leading builder and innovator of custom green homes since 1978.


Help your old home catch up with your new lifestyle.

It’s disheartening when we hear remodeling horror stories. At Semmes, we strive to make the remodeling process as smooth and efficient as the homes we construct. Because before we build homes, we build relationships. We believe that every hour we spend on communication is an investment in creating great results and strong alliances.

Semmes & Co. views remodeling as one of the most sustainable building practices because it reuses and revitalizes existing buildings. We specialize in the remodeling of spaces such as kitchens and baths, along with additions of new rooms and complete home renovations. Our processes make your home more energy efficient, so you can save money while helping to save the planet.

We know that renovations can be complex and trying, especially when people will be living in the home during construction. Part of our job is to keep the disruptions in your life to a minimum. Every remodel has a dedicated team of design and management professionals whose priority is to provide the best service, with the least disruption possible.

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