Our Process

Semmes & Co. Builders, Inc. offers a New Custom Home Program that focuses on creating a team that includes the homeowner, realtor, architect/designer, and outside consultants. Over the years, we have found that by bringing the professionals together early in the process, we can ensure that everyone is working within a common design goal, budget, and timeline.

Our consulting services and management tools are designed to guide you through the process of building your dream home, from selecting the building site, through design, construction, and move-in.


At Semmes, we understand that building a new home is the biggest investment of time and money that most people make. To help evaluate the feasibility of a development project, Semmes & Co. offers Site Selection and Development Cost Consulting.

This process includes reviewing municipal regulations, associated fees, and providing estimates, such as rough costs for site development like grading and utilities.

Semmes & Co. also can also provide Environmental Building Systems Consulting. Working with our design team, we develop a plan for sustainable building practices and technologies. Our familiarity with the return on investment that green building strategies provide will help us determine materials and processes that create a healthy interior environment for your home. We want your investment to give you the highest possible return, while helping you balance the expense with your expectations.


Our team-building commitment begins in Preconstruction. It is in this phase that the layout, design, finishes, and long-term energy plan for the home are developed. We rely on over 40 years worth of building science and green building experience to help guide our decisions on materials and finishes. This familiarity helps minimize surprise costs during construction.

We often work as part of an architect-builder collaborative. In this process, the architect completes the preliminary design and design development. Semmes & Co. then creates the construction documents and manages the permitting process.

It is important to us here at Semmes that the architect continues to be part of the team during construction, both for periodic review and detail development. This partnership works extremely well, and we would be happy to provide referrals for any of the many talented architects with whom we collaborate.

When working with an architect who is managing design, engineering, and permitting, it is critical that a project team be assembled and consulted early in the design process. Semmes & Co. can provide cost estimating and proactive value engineering solutions, assuring that the final design meets your expected budget.


Semmes & Co. provides a dedicated project team consisting of a project supervisor, production coordinator, and job manager, as well as a staff of well-trained craftspeople. This team is assigned during preconstruction and is involved through the final estimate, providing our clients with a smooth transition into construction.

If you have a design and/or permitting for your dream home, and are searching for the right builder, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Semmes & Co. offers creative, cost-saving, energy efficient solutions that will bring your project to life.

We invite you to request a list of references from hundreds of our satisfied clients and allow them to share their experiences with you. Please contact Jessica Steely at jessicas@semmesco.com, or 805-466-6737 x 203 to schedule a meeting to discuss your new home.

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