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You’ve waited a lifetime to build just the right home. We’ve spent 40 years getting ready.

Turn Your HOME'S To-Do List
Into a We’ll-Do List

Introducing the Semmes Home Management Program

What does your house need right now? Go ahead, take a second.

Whether it’s a sink that’s draining slowly—or gutters that fill up all too quickly, you’re probably already all too familiar with the one to-do list in your life that never stops growing.

Honey-do’s, chores, tasks, good old-fashioned maintenance, whatever you like to call it, if you’re ready to never have to worry about it again, we’re ready to take it from here. Welcome to Semmes Home Services.


The Semmes Home Management Program offers numerous categories of services:

  • •Electrical
  • •HVAC
  • •Plumbing
  • •Utilities
  • •Cleaning
  • •Weatherization
  • •Doors & Windows
  • •Finishes
  • •Appliances
  • •Sitework

The Home Management Program offers homeowners a full-service solution to home maintenance so you can say goodbye to to-do lists while we provide a complete array of inspection, preventative maintenance and convenience services in one all-inclusive package, with one point of contact—your personal home service advisor.

Semmes Home Management

Service Offerings

Choose from one of our tiered annual preventative maintenance plans that offer consistent deliverables on predictable service intervals that align with your household’s specific needs.*

Tier 1

Tier 1—Steward

Tier 1

Let our team of experts ensure every aspect of your home’s upkeep. Enjoy maximum peace of mind around the care of your home as we proactively attend to it. Example Tier 1 services include all services in lower tiers, in addition to:

• Test & monitor backup power sources
• Clear HVAC ductwork
• Abate pests & weeds
• Clear drains & plumbing fixtures
• Service pool & spa
• Maintain water quality

Tier 2

Tier 2—Safeguard

Tier 2

Trust us to make sure all essential home maintenance is covered while coordinating important convenience services and keeping a close watch on your home’s ‘problem areas’. Example Tier 2 services include all services in lower tiers, in addition to:

• Clean windows, skylights, & solar tubes
• Flush site storm drainage
• Service appliances
• Inspect home weatherization
• Pressure wash exterior walls & flatwork
• Service fire extinguishers

Tier 3

Tier 3—Maintain

Tier 3

Rest easy knowing that our dedicated team is taking care of the essential maintenance of your home, helping to avoid time consuming repairs and costly replacements down the road. Example Tier 3 services include:

• Maintain solar power
• Test smoke & carbon monoxide detectors
• Clear dryer ductwork
• Descale water heaters
• Flush gutters & downspouts
• Clean fireplace flue
• Seal roof penetrations


Included in all maintenance plans is an annual inspection, where we assess the need for services required on intervals longer than one year and offer proactive recommendations. These may include cleaning water storage tanks, pumping septic systems, steam cleaning carpets, and refinishing wood-work. Including long-term service additions in your yearly maintenance plan will keep your home looking beautiful and functioning at its best without you having to lift a finger.

Here are just some of the 100+ specific services we offer:

  • Clean solar arrays
  • De-calcify faucet aerators
  • Steam clean carpets
  • Repair grout & caulking
  • Refill propane tanks
  • Replace light bulbs
  • Protect metalwork against rust & corrosion
  • Patch stucco
  • Refinish woodwork
  • Reseal countertops
  • Test fire sprinkler systems
  • Deodorize trash bins
  • Test water quality
  • Replace HVAC filters
  • Inspect attics and crawl spaces
  • Pump septic systems

*Alternatively, select from our full range of services on an à la carte basis and adjust frequency based on the needs of your home.

An Unrivaled Process

Every home is different. 

As a custom home builder with over four decades of experience, if there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that a one-size-fits-all approach leaves a lot of extra room for important details to go unnoticed. 

We employ a thorough intake process to assess the current condition of your home from the foundation up. This allows us to develop an all-encompassing home management plan that leaves no stone unturned—and no P-trap uninspected. Armed with this knowledge, we can then put our experience to work, expertly anticipating your home’s needs. Let us handle the logistics, from purchasing materials to scheduling labor and executing the work, so you can stress less, and live more.


How It Works


First, we conduct a Home Mapping Survey, where we capture a 2D floor plan and a 3D model of your entire home for remote estimating purposes.


Then, we identify key utilities and collect specifications on every service item in your home, from make and model to size and color.


Next, we perform a general inspection and identify areas of concern. Based upon the condition of your home and its primary use, we make a set of recommendations to bring your home back to baseline and develop a management plan for ongoing care thereafter.


Once a scope is agreed upon, we order materials, schedule labor, and get to work.


Take the rest of the year off, and let us manage your home's to-do's!

Past Clients Heading

There is no organization better suited to maintain Semmes homes than the company that originally designed and built them. We maintain copious records on every aspect of the home and have an intimate understanding of what it takes to keep the property in optimal condition.

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Other Clients Heading

Maintaining a home is a full-time job, and that’s our specialty! As an expert in residential design and construction, Semmes is well-positioned to quickly acquaint our team with any home and address its unique needs.

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We Nurture Your Investment &
Ensure Value for Years to Come

While you’ll never have to worry about hiring a cleaner (or anyone else, for that matter), with the Semmes Home Management Program, a tidy house and stress-free homeownership aren’t the only benefits. As one of your largest assets, if not the largest, we know your house is more than the place you call home, it’s also an investment in your future financial security.

That’s why we’re more than just a service—you have priority access to our expertise and skilled craftspeople, for planned improvements and spontaneous home maintenance alike. We’re your partner in helping you make the best decisions for your biggest investment.

Whether you have questions about a remodel’s potential return on investment or whether current solar incentives make installing panels a smart choice, Semmes will always be there with expert advice and a unique understanding of your situation’s needs.

  • Assess opportunities to implement passive solar strategies and enhance overall energy efficiency
  • Improve lighting design to create the perfect ambiance for each room
  • Modernize your home by replacing finishes
  • Incorporate smart home technology for a seamless automated experience
  • Repair a spontaneous leak, identify its source, and assess long-term solutions.

Why Semmes?

We believe there’s no one better suited to maintain your Semmes custom home than the team who helped build it. We are equipped with an intimate understanding of exactly what it takes to keep your property in optimal condition, and have the expert knowledge necessary to serve as a trusted partner in helping you make the best decisions for the long-term health of your home.

Stress Less,
Live More.

Ready to put your home maintenance on auto-pilot? Contact us today to schedule your free, no-obligation phone consultation.

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