Semmes & Co. Builders, Inc. specializes in the construction of custom residential homes which reflect the heart and soul of the owner and vision of the designer while being sensitive to the environment. We work with the homeowner directly, or in partnership with the architect or designer, to create the home of your dreams.

Homes are generally constructed utilizing the basic principles of passive solar design: Orientation, Ventilation, Insulation and Mass to bring the highest level of energy efficiency to your home. We strive to employ a conscientious use of natural materials and create healthy indoor environments by using the best non-toxic building materials available.

We use a variety of construction methods including conventional framing, straw bale, insulated concrete forms and rammed earth. Our local artisans create hand-troweled stucco and plaster finishes, patina-stained concrete floors and countertops, and custom woodworking, adding to the excellent finishes employed in our homes. We include photovoltaic electric systems, hydronic heat, solar hot water, daylighting, progressive insulation, rainwater catchment systems and plumbing for greywater systems.

Semmes & Co. has been the Central Coast’s leading builder and innovator of custom green homes since 1978.