Aerodynamic Barn

Creston, CA

This 5,000 square-foot barn was designed for an engineer whose hobby is restoring vintage aircraft. Day lighting is provided by multiple Sunoptics skylights. The 20′ south-facing overhang shades in the summer months, keeping the temperatures moderate inside with only the added assistance of a night cooling system. The retaining wall to the back of the building is tucked into the slope which also helps keep the indoor temperatures moderate year-round.

The shape of the building was created using the formula for the shape of an airplane wing. The curved Glulam (glued laminated timber) beams in conjunction with copper colored standing seam metal roof give it the aerodynamic look the architect was after.

Project Details
  • Location:

    Creston, California

  • Completion Date:

    June 2010

  • Space:
    • 3,320 sqft
    • 484 sqft Office
    • 700 sqft Mezzanine
    • 510 sqft Storage Loft
  • Architect/Designer:

    Jeffery B. Lentz, Architect

  • Production Manager:

    Tom Moore

  • Materials:
    • Hight Flyash Concrete
    • No VOC Paint
    • Metal Roofing
    • Natural Day Lighting
    • Vertical Bifold Door
    • Night Cooling

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