Bauhaus Block

Templeton, CA

This contemporary home exemplifies the simplicity in both form and function of a modern Euro style home. The Architectural Realism of the materials and use of space lends itself to a clear understanding of where you are in the home and what its amenities are there for.

Masonry was used for its thermal mass potential, and the durable high-quality finish to it adds to the structure. The patterning of the block is replicated in the basic design of the overall structure adding a timeless aesthetic presented in the German “Bauhaus” school of design. The association of steel and class enhance the solid and massive qualities of the CMU, and along with it provide a thermal battery system that balances the daily and seasonal temperature swings. The South orientation, with ample overhang provides a generous view while allowing for exceptional winter heating. Summer cooling is enhanced by the numerous operable openings including a thermal chimney provided by the entry clerestory. The total effect is one of living comfortably indoor with a very large view making one feel like the outer world is at their beckon. All rooms have an in-floor Radiant heating system that is supported by a solar thermal system that also provides for the Domestic hot water. The electric system is enhanced by a 2.6 KW Grid tied Photovoltaic system. High Fly Ash concrete floors, sleek ceiling fans and LED recessed lighting throughout are examples of the sustainable home building focus. .

This home has has received both local and national recognition:

  • 2020 CMU Profiles in Architechture
Project Details
  • Location:

    East Templeton, California

  • Completion Date:

    June 2019

  • Space:
    • 1,753 sqft Living
    • 1,100 sqft Workshop
    • 2 Bedrooms + Flexspace
    • 2 Bathrooms
  • Architect/Designer:

    Jade Architecture

  • Production Manager:

    Paul Rose

  • Production Team:

    Chris Walter

  • Materials:
    • CMU Block
    • Inculated radiant floors
    • R 48 Ceilings
    • Insofast insulation partial interior walls
    • Solar Thermal DHW
    • Grid tie Photo Voltaic
    • LED Lighting

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