Cambria Post & Beam

Cambria, CA

This residence was built during the summer of 2001 in Cambria, California. Its primary structure is a combination of Post and Beam, with conventional framing techniques. Portions of the roof structure are trussed while other portions are framed with a beam truss system providing an exceptionally nice clerestory day lighting system.

Good insulation and mass are provided by the straw bale infill. This gives the home’s walls an approximate R-value of 50, and minimizes infiltration. Other insulation in the conventionally framed areas is provided by a blown-in fiberglass batt with an R-value of 22. Hydronic heating in the concrete floor provides any backup heat that may be needed. Locally milled lumber provides a finished ceiling for the outdoor porches and a central courtyard, while a finely stained concrete floor highlights the style and color of the completed interior.

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Project Details
  • Location:

    Cambria, California

  • Completion Date:

    Summer 2001

  • Space:
    • 3,149 sqft Living
    • 2-car Garage + Carport
    • 17 Rooms
  • Architect/Designer:

    Thom Brajkovich

  • Production Manager:

    Paul Rose

  • Production Team:

    Frank Cullen

  • Materials:
    • Straw Bale
    • Post and Beam
    • Tile Roof
    • Stucco
    • Hydronic In-floor Heating
    • Stained Concrete Floors

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