Semmes & Co. Builders, Inc. is always looking to offer greener, more energy-efficient options to our clients. The State and Federal governments are currently offering sizable incentives on several types of renewable energy-generation systems.

We have decades of experience in combining a variety of energy-efficient systems to develop a program for your individual requirements. For more information on any of these technologies or programs, please contact Turko Semmes at


Semmes & Co. has long been a leader in the field of passive solar. Passive solar heating and cooling elements are built into the design of your house before construction begins. Capitalizing on the components: Orientation, Mass, Insulation and Ventilation, we can design your house to be warmer in winter, cooler in summer, and keep your energy costs down. Most of the homes we build do not use air conditioning! Learn More


One of our commitments to sustainable building is to promote the installation of solar electricity systems. Photovoltaic systems are becoming more efficient and more affordable. There are two basic methods for doing this. With a battery system, you make and store your own electricity. The major advantage is that you can be totally self-sufficient and independent of a power company. The disadvantage is the extra expense and maintenance of the battery storage. With a grid-tie system, the house remains connected to your electricity provider. You make the electricity the same way with photovoltaic cells, but instead of storing it in batteries you sell the excess back to the power company. On rainy days, during the evening, or when your demand exceeds what you can produce, you buy what you need from your electricity provider. Systems can be designed to average-out over the course of the year.


Simple solar hot water collectors can be installed on the roof or nearby the house to heat your water with the sun and forgo those high gas bills.



We use hydronic heating systems in many of our concrete floors. Your whole house will radiate with warmth and your bare feet will enjoy the warm floor when you get up in the morning. These floors are insulated from the ground and outside air. You will never find a more consistent and quiet system. If you do, let us know!


Semmes & Co. built and uses a solar electric generator to build our homes.  If you have not yet hooked up to PG&E, or if you are building an off-grid home, we can bring our mobile solar generator to your site and power all our electric tools with solar power.  Mobile Solar Power is now also building these generators; contact Travis Semmes with Mobile Solar Power for more information.