Semmes & Co. Builders, Inc. has developed a remodeling program which focuses on building a team – with the realtor, architect/designer, outside consultants, and the owner.  Over the years we have found that by bringing all the players together early in the process we can guarantee that everyone is working with a common design goal, budget and timeline. In doing so, we can also ensure complete accountability, the best value and highest sustainability level, and the best possible project and experience.  It is a win-win-win.


Are you looking to purchase an existing home but need to know what renovations can be done, how long the project will take and what the costs will be?  We can work with you and your realtor to do an evaluation of the home and your plan for it, and provide you with a Master Plan Budget in a very timely manner.  If the transaction moves forward, we can begin preconstruction at close of escrow.

2020 Johnson - Front Door (9)-001If you’ve lived in your home for a while and have dreams for improving the layout or updating the look, Semmes & Co. can help develop a schematic plan and provide you with a Master Plan Budget to help prioritize scopes of work. Our process ensures that your time and budget are used as efficiently as possible, providing you with the best long term plan for your home.

To be sure that our renovations deliver the best return on your investment, we often also recommend completing a Home Energy Audit to establish a baseline.  It will help you choose the most cost-effective improvements to complete with your renovation.


On more modest remodels and renovations, Semmes & Co. can provide complete Design/Build services, beginning with Preliminary Design and Selections and a Preliminary Estimate.  After both have been approved, we proceed with the development of Construction Documents which are necessary for permitting, final estimating and construction. Semmes & Co. coordinates all necessary consultants such as structural engineers, energy analysts, and soils or civil engineers for plan-set development.  After your construction documents are finalized, we proceed with two final, concurrent processes.  The first is to make submittal to the responsible municipality and begin the review process. We will also mobilize the development of a Final Estimate at this time. Our staff will work with you to make final material, fixture, and finish selections and present to you a final construction cost estimate and schedule. Final approval of the budget and schedule, and award of a construction permit means you’re ready to begin construction!

On larger, more extensive remodels we will team with an architect/designer as part of an Architect-Builder Collaborative, similar to our New Homes process.  Semmes & Co. can help with preliminary costing, value engineering, and material selections development while your architect manages design and plan-set development and permitting.  We can also customize this arrangement depending on the needs of your project and availability of your architect.

If you have completed design and/or the permitting process and are searching for the right builder for your project, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  Semmes & Co. can bring many creative cost and energy efficiency solutions to that table, and provide complete cost estimating and scheduling for you.


Because remodels are usually disruptive of your everyday life, we strive to minimize this by eliminating down-time.  One of the tools we use to do is a critical path scheduling program used throughout the course of your project.  Semmes & Co. is also able to guarantee a quick and efficient remodel by identifying and ordering critical selections such as windows, doors, cabinets, countertops, plumbing fixtures, and appliances often before we begin construction.

You can expect to meet regularly with your production team; your team will include a production supervisor, manager and coordinator, who are also always available to discuss issues or concerns and changes in scope.  Our well-developed support and management systems insure that the remodel process is smooth and enjoyable. Meet OUR TEAM.

For more information on our remodeling process, contact Jessica Steely at or at 805-466-6737 x 203, for a copy of our Remodeling Handbook.