Santa Fe Style Coastal

Morro Bay, CA

As the images show, we totally changed the look of this home. Friends of the owner have been known to drive past without recognizing it.

An exquisite built-in library invites you into the added guest suite with a private bathroom. Defined by an outdoor patio carved into the landscape, the owners’ Santa Fe art collections are set into various niches lit naturally during the day and tastefully by night as well.

Stabilizing the soils on a steeply sloping site was an added challenge of this project. Extensive footings were used to anchor the addition securely to the ground as well as to additionally reinforce the existing structure.

Photos compliments of Sarah Weber.

Project Details
  • Location:

    Morro Bay, California

  • Completion Date:

    Fall 2007

  • Space:
    • 521 sq.ft. Added Living
    • 300 sq.ft. Patio
  • Architect/Designer:

    Charles Crotser

  • Production Manager:

    Paul Rose

  • Production Team:

    Frank Perea

  • Materials:
    • Cool Roof
    • On-demand Recirculation System

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